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The ships are getting bigger there are more and more. The interest for cruising is growing. That means that the trades on the famous Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea is becoming busier. It obliges the companies more or less to be inventive with the search for new itineraries. Especially South America with the Amazon region, Far East and Australia / New Zealand are interesting areas. At present it is possible in practically each area in the world to make a cruise. In the winter month's, a Mediterranean cruise and in hurricane season choose a Caribbean cruise is not so convenient! Travel agencies withhold that information quite often.

The most common areas are still:
- Alaska
- Panamacanal
- Cariben
- Mediterranen
- North Europe

Best cruise seasonrJune up to and incl. SeptBest cruise seasonrJune up to and incl. Sept.


Best cruise season: Jan.-May + Dec.
Hurricane season is June 1 through November 30, with most gales forming mid-July through November.
For more info see
  The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA) on page Links. 

For 2017 the NOAA predicted another above-normal Atlantic hurricane  season for 2017 .The forecast reports a 45% chance of an above-normal season,with a 70-percent likelihood of 11 to 17 named storms of which five to nine hurricanes incl.2 to 4 major. 

Best cruise season: Jan.- March + Nov. and -Dec



Best cruise season: End of May until begin of -Sept

Baltic States and St.Petersburg

 Norwegian Fjords and Iceland

-BBest cruise season: April - October.est c

Best cruise season:October - April .

Best cruise season: April - Sept.Best cruise season: April - Sept.

Best cruise season: September up to and included April

Atlantic crossing. Various crossings are to book in begin and end of European seison. There is a North and South route. Cruises are often more favorably priced, but the weather conditions are not always optimal and you have 4-5 sea days.  For 2019, 12 heavy storms, including 6 hurricanes, are predicted.

Best cruise season:Jan.- March.+ Oct.-Dec.B

-SOUTH AFRICA and - North and South-AMERICA:
Huge Continents with several climate zones.
The best period is depends which part you are visiting.


If you want to go to Antartica, North Pole, South-America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa or the Middle East, it is all possible. The choice is yours, it is very personal. However the interest of cruising and the number of ships are growing, so it is important for cruiselines to develop new itineraries.

Upcoming itineraries are South America, including Amazon and Antarctica area and Asia/China.

Typical Destinations of an Antartica cruise

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