Verslag Regatta

Regatta" Transatlantic Nov. 2003

The cruise was just wonderful. The ship was very nice and the food was just magnificent. There were four restaurants on the ship and all passengers could make reservations to eat at any one they chose to eat at provided there was space available. The two special restaurants, the steak house-Polo Club-- and the Italian--Tuscano-- were limited to two times until everyone had a chance to use there two reservations and then it was first come first served to all passengers. We had no difficulty eating there when we wanted to. The food in all four restaurants was exceptional.

Barbara said that the ship was as clean as a hospital and it was.
The trip across the Atlantic was good with calm seas and winds. It was actually warm and we got a good sun tan. I can recommend the ship very highly. Many passengers on board booked the return Trans Atlantic in March.
We have no plans for our next cruise but no doubt we will do something next year, possibly the Baltic.
Stay well and a hug for Remi,
Jerry and Barbara

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