* No packing and unpacking to visit different ports of call.
* Most ships have good medical facilities.On some ships a kidney-dialyse is possible.Please go to  Link page

* Standard food and services on board are usually of a good quality.
* Various types of entertainment, shows, sports, sauna etc.
* Various choice of specialty restaurants usually at extra cost.
* Relaxed atmosphere on board.
* Today cruises are available in virtually every area of the world.  From Arctic to Antarctica, Australia to Mexico or round the world.

Nothing is always perfect and cruises are not an exception


* Seasickness should be taken seriously, if you are sensitive to it, it can give a very negative experience of the cruise. See link to this STORM page it gives you an impression of what can happen. Cruises not always calm seas and sunshine! But for your peace of mind is an exception sailing in rough seas. There are good drugs available, but be careful of side effects if you are already using other medications.
The best place to avoid seasickness is to book a cabin on the lower decks in the middle of the ship.

* Cancelled ports in case of inclement weather.
* On some ports of calls, especially in the Caribbean and the Meditteranean , it can be very crowded when 3 or 4 ships are visiting the same port. However due to the enormous grow of ships and passengers the most interesting  cruiseports are also very crowded.
* On board expenses and organized tours can be rather expensive.
* On bigger ships long waiting rows to obtain your meal - to board or to tender.
* In general cruiseprices in the US are more competitive  than in other countries especially Europe.
* Recently, however, much attention has been focused on the increasing number of episodes of gastrointestinal illness on board cruise ships and there is evidence that the rate has increased substantially since 2001. Since 2004 there have been more than 95 incidents of contagious disease outbreaks on cruise ships involving a lot of passengers and crew.
* The American
Departement of Health and Human Services has a program called  Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP). The results of unannounced inspections  can be found of:  http://www.cdc.gov/nceh/vsp/default.htm  
If you click on the ‘Green Sheet’  the most recent inspections and results are mentioned.
* Do not be tempted to purchase any "so called art" at various art auctions aboard. You pay too much for mostly useless artifacts.
Passengers on board often have the wrong idea about safety on board. Thus, according to the FBI, the probability that a woman is the victim of sexual harassment on a cruise ship, twice as large as on land. In a period from 1995 to the present (mid-2016), there are 276 people during a cruise disappeared. By an accident, recklessness, but also by crime. Crimes at sea are rarely solved on a cruise ship without the presence of the police. This should be done by the country of registration of the vessel, usually the Bahamas, Panama, Bermuda, Malta, or Marshall Islands. These countries do not have much interest in solving a crime on a cruise ship.
Even cruise lines, do not give much publicity to crimes on their ships. because they do not prefer bad publicity.
*This site provides parents with young children to keep their children close eye on the council because they are vulnerable, and especially in the "water works" on board.

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